Other Music


To hear samples of his music, see the Soundcloud links below:


Summer Sun

An summery deep house work in progress.

Listen Here.


An 80’s inspired work in progress.

Listen Here.

Untitled Waltz

A simple ambient waltz. A ghost ship suddenly appears from the mist, it’s occupants are dancing, it passes and quickly fades away.

Listen Here.


An upbeat electronic track composed for the Limerick Film Festival. It was used as their theme tune in 2015

Listen Here.

 Haunted –

An Eighties-esque pop track

Listen Here

Rain –

A moody piano piece inspired by rain

Listen Here

When I See You Again

Slow building ambient emotion.

Listen Here.

Colours –

An upbeat and happy sounding track

Listen Here


Waking in a forest-inspired chilled theme

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Race across Altair 4 – 

A futuristic warp race across a desert planet. This track has a game feel to it.

Listen Here

From the Shore –

A coastal inspired theme

Listen Here

Sleep – 

A dream inspired theme.

Listen Here

Aftermath –

The calm after a storm

Listen Here

It’s Not Cold Yet –

Creepy noises and strange melodies haunt this dark composition

Listen Here

Setting Forth –

The start of a voyage

Listen Here

Síochán –

A Celtic inspired theme

Listen Here

Pop 808 –

An 80’s inspired pop track

Listen Here

For more examples of his work here are Soundcloud pages featuring some of his other projects and released work below:

https://soundcloud.com/transmission-limits – Noisecapes and creepiness

https://soundcloud.com/psychicantelope – Some experimental pieces

https://soundcloud.com/1606a/ – Chillout style pieces he has released under the pseudonym “MYMLA”

https://soundcloud.com/three-of-nine – Some psytrance/techno style tracks he has released under the pseudonym “Three Of Nine”