Other Music


To hear samples of his music, see the Soundcloud links below:


Untitled Waltz

A simple ambient waltz. A ghost ship suddenly appears from the mist, it’s occupants are dancing, it passes and quickly fades away.

Listen Here.

Rain –

A moody piano piece inspired by rain

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Energy –

A fast paced Sci-Fi intro

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When I See You Again

Slow building ambient emotion.

Listen Here.


An 80’s inspired work in progress.

Listen Here.

Setting Forth –

The start of a voyage

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Colours –

An upbeat and happy sounding track

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Race across Altair 4 – 

A futuristic warp race across a desert planet. This track has a game feel to it.

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Sleep – 

A dream inspired theme.

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An upbeat electronic track composed for the Limerick Film Festival. It was used as their theme tune in 2015

Listen Here.

 Haunted –

An Eighties-esque pop track

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Summer Sun

An summery deep house work in progress.

Listen Here.


Waking in a forest-inspired chilled theme

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From the Shore –

A coastal inspired theme

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Síochán –

A Celtic inspired theme

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For more examples of his work here are Soundcloud pages featuring some of his other projects and released work below:

https://soundcloud.com/transmission-limits – Noisecapes and creepiness

https://soundcloud.com/psychicantelope – Some experimental electronic pieces